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Cheap Leggings – You Get What You Pay For…

Tips When it Comes to Cheap Leggings

You may have noticed that printed leggings are a hot trend right now, especially if you are involved in yoga or aerial fitness. I know most classes I go to are almost like a fashion show, checking out everyone’s printed leggings. Well, that being said you may also have noticed that online legging stores are popping up everywhere with extremely affordable printed leggings.  Awesome, because cheap is always good, right?!

Well…when it comes to leggings be prepared for a few things if you are buying cheap ones:

They will likely be see through

Yep, that’s right, cheap leggings are normally pretty see through.

Ripping is very possible

In my own experience I have found that with cheap leggings the seams will give away…and sad but so, this normally happens in the crotch and butt…eek!

The material is not designed for athletics

Most leggings you find for low prices will not be made of the best material, again it’s that whole concept of you get what you pay for. Normally they will not breathe well and they are not moisture wicking…I would avoid cheap leggings if you are doing something that is really going to make you sweat!

But I Love Cheap Leggings!

I am all about saving a buck or two and I have ordered my fair share of cheap leggings. Luckily I have found a few ways of dealing with them:

First always always wear underwear. Nude color is generally a good pick because they will show less than other colors

Next, wear shorts over your leggings. Printed leggings with a little pair of black shorts over them look really cute.

Lastly, wear two pairs of leggings. I opt to wear a pair of compression leggings underneath printed leggings. However, I get it…it gets hot with that much fabric. This may not be the best option if it is hot in the studio.