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Cardio Hip Hop – Having Fun While Torching Major Calories

That dreaded feeling of going to the gym…yep we probably all know that feeling. You know the feeling when you begin to make every excuse in the world not to go or simply just dreading the thought of having to step onto that treadmill…Well, stop it! Find a workout you actual enjoy, like a hip hop cardio class.

What is Cardio Hip Hop ?

It is exactly what is sounds like, doing hip hop dancing while getting your cardio in for the day. The most important thing during a hip hop class is just to keep moving and have some fun. If you are like me you probably will get lost at some point or another during the workout and that is totally okay. Just keep moving, even if that involves doing your own thing for a moment. You will definitely break a sweat!

Why Cardio Hip Hop?

Because why not? Most of us do not enjoy that time spent on a treadmill, staring at the screen until we can be done.Cardio Hip Hop is entirely different. It is an extremely effective way to torch some major calories while having a blast doing it. You can get ready to burn anywhere from 300-600 calories per hour! Best of all the time will fly by, the class will be over before you know it because you are having so much fun.

Is Cardio Hip Hop  for me?

Yes! Can’t dance or nervous about dancing in front of others? I am with you there! I am not a dancer whatsoever, but I had a blast during my first hip hop class. At the very beginning of the class, I was very nervous and stiff in my dance moves. But as the class continued I began to loosen up and just have fun. Keep in mind it’s okay not to be the best. It’s okay to look somewhat awkward. It’s okay to feel nervous. Also, don’t forget that practice makes perfect. The more you go to Cardio Hip Hop  class the more easily you will be able to follow along and perfect all that fancy footwork.