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Buti Yoga Sculpt, Workout or Dance Party?

For those of you who find the stillness of yoga to be, well, a bit boring I would highly recommend trying a Buti Yoga class. One of my favorite studios in the Minneapolis area that offers Buti Yoga classes is Open Minds Fusion Studio. This studio offers a variety of classes including everything from Buti Yoga to aerial fitness. But, let’s get back to the Buti. Recently, I tried my first Buti Yoga Sculpt class and it was a sweaty blast!

Buti Yoga Sculpt Explained

Before I get into what to expect, I recommend you pop over to my article that explains the basics of Buti Yoga. So, now that you know the Buti basics let’s talk about the sculpt class. The class was quite different than a traditional Buti class, so be prepared for an entirely different experience.

So what was different?

The Music – Well to start with little to no tribal music was played and I have to say I was a little disappointed by this. Instead, high energy rhythmic modern music was played. It was a lot of what I call booty popping music. You know that kind of music that you can’t help but move to.

The Intensity – This class was definitely more intense when it came to cardio. For an entire song, we did a cardio blast, which again involved us dancing and shaking our booties.

The Weights – During the workout, we used free weights to add a more intense strength training element to the workout. You can choose your own weight or choose to go sans weights altogether.

The Poses – While we did do traditional yoga poses including down dog, up dog, warrior, etc. The poses, in general, were much more challenging. For example, there were a lot of upright planks, knee drives, and a ton of other moves you would see in other fitness classes, such as pilates or Barre.

The Instructor

The class was lead by a firecracker of an instructor named Mimi, the entire class felt much more like a dance party than an actual yoga class. She was upbeat and always looked like she was having a good time. My only critiques are she was a little hard to hear, so I had to constantly watch to see what we were moving into next. Also, she had a difficult time with her music causing her to manually shuffle through songs throughout the entire workout. I also like to be corrected during a  workout. Meaning, one of my favorite things about group fitness classes are when the instructor is paying attention to their students and correcting them if needed. While Mimi was super fun and energetic, I did not receive this kind of attention during the workout. However, for those of you who just like to do your own thing and not receive critiques during a workout, you will definitely love Mimi!

Buti Yoga Sculpt, I Give it a Thumbs Up!

In general, I am a big fan of traditional Buti Yoga and I loved the sculpt version of this class as well. I loved that it felt more like a dance party than an actual workout. It was just plain fun! I highly recommend making your way over to Open Minds Fusion Studio to give it a try.