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Big Gains? Think Small – Setting Small Doable Goals

Looking to make those big gains? We have all been there…where we decide to eat healthy, get our butts to the gym 5 days a week, cut out alcohol, and vow to never eat sweets ever again…sound familiar? While the intention is good behind setting goals such as these, the problem is we are ultimately setting ourselves up for failure. We are simply trying to do too much too quickly. This results in giving up and normally experiencing a huge backslide. Whether that result is binge eating or having a few too many cocktails, you are left feeling defeated. Aiming to do too much too quickly is simply unrealistic. Instead, think about setting goals so small that they seem way too easy.

Here are 5 super small doable goals that will ultimately lead to success and ultimately make you happier:

Do Something Good for Your Mind at Least Once a Day

This is so incredibly small, but can make a huge impact long term. Somethings you can try:

  • Take a different route to work
  • Listen to an audio book or podcast during your commute or while you do some chores at home
  • The next time you go out to eat do the tip math in your head sans calculator

First Thing Every Morning Drink a Glass of Water

So easy, when you hop out of bed in the morning head straight to the kitchen for a glass of water and then carry on as per usual.

Do Not Bring Your Phone Into Your Bedroom at Night

Leave your phone in another room at night. Not having easy access to it may help you decrease your exposure to blue light and help you sleep better.

Two to Five Minutes of Meditation Time Each Day

It is common to hear that everyone should meditate for 15 minutes each day, but this can be a struggle for those of us who really do not understand what mediation is. So, every night when you crawl into bed lay flat on your back. Turn off all of the lights and simply breath. Allow your mind to clear and just breath. Aim to do this for at two to five minutes, but try not to even think about the time. You might find that you can easily meditate for 15 minutes without even knowing it.

Be Grateful

Most of us tend to constantly focus on the negatives in life, but there is so many good things in life for us to appreciate. Each day find at least one thing that you are grateful for.

Thinking that these are just too easy? Good! They should be easy! Set yourself up for success and feel good about yourself by attaining these super small doable 5 goals!

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