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Avoid the pig out When Dining out

Eating is an extremely social activity and more often than not you may find yourself dining out with friends and family at places that are not the most health conscious. So, what do you do?

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid pigging out when dining out:

Opt for Lean Protein and Veggies

This may be easier said than done, but you should always opt for choices that come with a lean protein and vegetables, try to avoid things deep-fried or drenched in cheese or dressings.

Make Special Requests

It’s okay to make special requests when you dine out, this can help to cut down on the fat and calories you may not even realize you are eating. Ask for your dressing on the side, ask to substitute grilled protein in for deep fried options, ask for no cheese, order lettuce instead of a bun with your burger, substitute a side salad for fries, etc.

Get a Box

As soon as your food arrives at the table ask for a box and put half or more (dependent on portion size) of the meal in it. Immediately cutting your portion in half will help you to avoid overeating.


Before eating always consume at least one glass of water. This will help your body to understand if you are actually hungry or simply thirsty. After consuming a glass of water you may also just feel more full, likely decreasing how much you will eat.


That’s right during your meal, talk! Conversation is a great way to help you slow down when eating. The slower we eat the more likely our bodies can register when we are actually full.