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5 Tips to Losing Weight

Calorie Intake

Simply put in order to lose weight you need to exert more energy than you are taking in. Do you know how many calories you actually need to intake to sustain your weight or to lose weight? Many of us don’t. So, figure out how many calories you should actually be consuming on a daily basis. There are tons of great apps and tools out there that can help you do this such as; Body Weight Planner and My Fitness Pal.

Track Your Food

One of the best weight management or weight loss tools is to track what you are eating. Documenting what you eat throughout the day can be an easy way to prevent yourself from overeating. Options, download a food tracking app to your phone or go old school and write down what you eat with pen and paper.

Get Moving

Make exercise part of your everyday life. Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. Try going for walks, cycling, running, swimming, etc. That is just 30 minutes out of your entire 24 hour day.

Drink More Water

The benefits to drinking water are endless, but various studies have shown that drinking water can lead to an increase in energy expenditure (calories burned) and a reduction in calories consumed during meal times. Burn more calories and consume less calories, just by drinking water? Yes, please!

Track Your Progress

It is much easier to stay motivated after you begin to see progress. Before starting a plan to shed some lbs, weigh yourself on day one and thereafter weigh yourself at least once a week to track your progress. I find it helpful to track your weight either on a calendar or by using an app like My Fitness Pal. Not into weighing yourself? No problem! Other ways you can track your progress include taking photos and tracking your measurements.