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10 Thoughts Everyone Will Have During HIIT

“30 Seconds, no problem I totally got this.”

That feeling when you first start your HIIT class. Feeling positive and unstoppable.

“Oh okay, a more intense interval, totally doable.”

Towards the beginning of you workout when you aren’t sweating much and can still breath and speak normally, that next intense interval will be no problem whatsoever.

“Wow, my legs are burning…this really sucks.”

When it kicks in that your muscles are burning and you realize how hard you are working. Then the instructor calls you to turn up the heat…


You desperately try to take your mind off the burning feeling in your muscles and start to count down the interval time instead.

“I am literally dripping sweat everywhere.”

Remember the beginning of the workout when you weren’t sweating? Well, you can now feel the sweat drip off of you, everywhere.

“Why the hell didn’t I bring a towel? What was I thinking?”

When you see the person next to you mopping the sweat from their face, you can’t help but think why it didn’t occur to you to bring a towel. Big mistake…

“This is the longest minute ever.”

The instructor calls for a one-minute interval…a minute has never taken so long to go by EVER. How can this only be a minute…?

“Only 3 more intervals!”

You realize that there are only three more intense intervals left, just three more minutes of work and you are free!

“Oh glorious cool down”

Finally…the cooldown has arrived. Oh, how amazing it feels to breathe and recover. The hard work is over, victory!

“Yep, I am a total bad ass”

The workout is done, you survived. Not only did you survive, but you kicked that workouts ass!


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