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Traveling on a Budget

Traveling is expensive, however, there are some tips that can make it more affordable. Here are some of the best things I have learned over the many years of traveling to make it more affordable. Meaning, the better deal you get the more trips you can go on, right?!

Traveling on a Budget

Traveling on a Budget

Be Flexible

It’s great to have a destination in mind, but one of the best ways of saving some major dough on traveling is to be flexible on the destination. If you are flexible on where you are going you can follow the deals. Bonus, you may end up traveling to some very cool places that were never on your radar. Being flexible is a good thing, but always make sure you do your research about the destination to make sure it is a good fit.

Subscribe to Travel Agencies Newsletters

Travel agencies partner with airlines and hotels, so frequently you are able to get killer deals that you would never be able to score if you booked everything yourself. Do your homework and start subscribing to different travel agencies email newsletters so you never miss a deal. Some to consider:

Use a Credit Card With Travel Rewards

Traveling on a Budget

If you choose to use a credit card switch to one with travel perks that can help you score hotel details and make flights cheaper or even free! There are a lot of options out there, but two of my personal favorites are:

  • Capital One Visa Venture Card
  • American Express Delta Reserve Card

Downside these both have annual fees and the Delta card fee is quite high at $450 annually – ouch. However, if you travel frequently the annual fee is worth it as there are tons of perks with this card.

One big difference, the Capital One card works with any type of travel and the Delta Reserve card is focused on traveling with Delta – so for loyal Delta travelers this card is a no brainer. Did I mention you get into sky lounges for free? If you have not been before these are all inclusive with free food and drinks which includes alcohol.

Travel Light

Almost all airlines require you to pay to check a bag which sometimes can be avoided by instead opting for just a carry on. Not only can this save you money, but there is less hassle of having to check a bag and then wait for it at baggage claim which can be super time consuming. Oh and remember checked bags do get lost sometimes.

Plan 6 Months Plus in Advance

If you book super far out, like 6 months or more out from travel dates you may be able to find some amazing deals since most people are not yet booking this far out.

Book Last Minute

Traveling on a Budget

Yep I know, it’s a contradiction, but it’s very true. If you are flexible and can travel last minute you may find stellar deals as airlines and hotels are trying to fill spots a week or two before travel dates.

Avoid Dining Out

Once you have reached your destination you have to eat right? Well, most of the time it will be way cheaper to hit up a local grocery store rather than to dine out for every meal. Definitely try the local cuisine, but do your best to hit up markets instead of restaurants.