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Red Light Therapy, Does it Work?

Red light therapy is a relatively new trend that is being advertised as a method to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improving overall skin health. While light therapy is now hitting the mainstream, it is definitely not new.

Light therapy, also known as heliotherapy, dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Egypt.  During these ancient times, sunlight was worshiped for it’s healing properties. Since these times, light therapy has been the focus of modern science research. The effects of different wavelengths of light have been researched and continued to be studied today for the healing properties, such as; decreasing wrinkles and acne, wound healing, and much more.

Red Light Therapy, What is it?

Simply put, this process is the act of shining red light on the body for a prescribed amount of time. This type of therapy was originally discovered by NASA for its wound healing properties. During this therapy, red lighting is used to penetrate deeply into the skin. The intensity of light may cause damage to your eyes, so it is always suggested that protective eyewear is worn during these treatments.

That being said there are different types of light therapy to be aware of. For example, you may visit a dermatologist to receive a low-level light laser treatment using red light or you can visit a local tanning salon for this treatment that will use tanning bed with red ultraviolet lighting. Meaning, light therapy has gone so mainstream that you can now perform these treatments at home or walk into a traditional tanning salon to receive them.

Interested in learning more about the science behind this therapy? Learn more here.

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