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Non Traditional First Date Ideas

Why non traditional date ideas? Because the dating scene is competitive… and as if it isn’t stressful enough to find a good connection now you must plan the date…not only must you plan the date, but it needs to be creative, fun, and something that will make an impression. Ugh!

Don’t fret, here are some simple non traditional first date ideas that will be sure to make a good lasting impression:

Non traditional first date ideas


Okay, so before you go ahead and plan a bouldering date, know your date and make sure they are into doing active things and are okay stepping outside their comfort zone. Bouldering is a lot like rock climbing, but it doesn’t involve a belay system. Instead you are able to free climb rock walls and the walls are much shorter than rock climbing walls.

Cooking Class

This is a great idea because if your date is a great cook they will likely have a blast and if they are a terrible cook they will likely learn something.


Again before planning a full on outdoorsy date, make sure your date is into the outdoors. If they are game, a hike/walk through a local state or national park can be an awesome way to get to know your date while being active and oh this date idea is almost FREE!


Head to a local museum and enjoy the quiet setting – allowing you to get to know one another while checking out art, history, and/or science.

Local Brewery or Winery

Hit up a small local brewery or winery to enjoy a flight/tasting while enjoying the conversation.

Those are just a few of the non traditional date ideas for a first date, but more importantly lets talk about first date don’ts…

First Date Don’ts

Don’t go to a loud music venue – this will make conversation impossible

Avoid heavy alcohol consumption – we get it a drink or two may help you relax a bit, but avoid going overboard. Over consumption of cocktails will leave an impression and it likely will not be a good one.

Don’t answer your phone – That’s right, put your phone away and avoid checking it while getting to know your date.

Don’t go to a movie/theatre – again, like with the music venue, it will be nearly impossible to chat, so save this date idea for dates number 2 or 3.

When in doubt, always know your date well enough to know whether they would enjoy a chill inside activity or would prefer something more action packed this will greatly determine the options for a unique first date!

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