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New Year’s Resolutions That Last a Lifetime

We have all heard it, new year, new you! The problem is that to be a “new” you typically means extreme changes. Anytime we try to take on too much too quickly, we will, unfortunately, fail. That is likely why so many of us quickly give up on our resolutions.

The best resolutions you can make this year are those you can keep forever. These small things seem insignificant, but the smallest lifelong changes can make a huge difference over time. Below are some of the most common resolutions and their simplified versions that you can keep for a lifetime.

Setting New Year’s Resolutions That Last a Lifetime

New Year's Resolutons

Move More Versus Get in Shape

A common resolution is to get fit. This typically means hitting the gym hard for the first few weeks in January, and then we slowly fall off the wagon as it’s simply too hard to stick with it. This is especially for those of us who are currently not following any exercise regimen. Instead of looking to get shredded this year, simply move more.

We live in a sedentary world. Many of us now have desk jobs that keep us seated for 8+ hours out of the day. After we leave work, we sit in our car for our commute. Once we arrive home, we relax by sitting on the sofa. That is a whole lot of sitting, which is different from what our bodies are meant to do. We are meant to move!

Resolve in 2023 to move more each day. This might mean simply getting up once per hour to stand, move about the room, or set a movement goal like walking 10,000 steps daily.

Eat Your Veggies Versus Starting a Diet

New year's resolutions

Unfortunately, diets are associated with deprivation, and that does not work long-term. Instead of starting a new diet, aim to start eating more vegetables. Every meal should include vegetables, yes, even breakfast. Start small by simply incorporating a veggie into every meal. Then slowly build up to making your vegetables the star of every meal.

Vegetables are generally low in calories and contain vitamins, minerals, and critical nutrients. Eating more vegetables can help you live better.

Limit Alcohol Versus Stop Drinking

If you consume alcohol, you may have noticed that this can be a very social activity. Admittedly one, that is not good for us, but culturally it has become a social “norm”. Those of us who consume a bit more than we should from time to time can think about limiting our alcohol consumption rather than quitting it cold turkey. You might find by limiting your consumption that over time you rarely drink and have almost quit entirely by accident.

Again, when we think of something as off-limits, it generally makes us want it more, increasing the odds of us binging on it. Make the small change to instead cut back on your consumption.

 Self Love Versus Finding a New Hobby

While finding a new hobby is a great idea, you should give yourself some grace to know that your interests may change. Instead of feeling forced into finding a new hobby, aim to give yourself self love every day. This can be something as simple as 5 minutes to meditate or taking a 30 minute long bubble bath.

Read Something Everyday Versus Read More

New year's Resolutions

Another great goal is to read more, however, you can simplify this goal a bit more by aiming to read something everyday. The beauty of this flexibility is you can read an article online, you can read a book, read a magazine, etc. and it all counts toward your goal.

Set SMART Goals

When in doubt make sure that your goals or resolutions are SMART:

S – Specific

M- Measurable

A – Attainable

R- Relevant

T – Time-Bound

When resolving to do something differently be sure that you double check that it is SMART.