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New Year, New You? How About Same You, but Healthier?

It’s that time of year again where we all begin to resolve to do things differently this year. I am sure you have all heard the expression, “New year, new me”, right? Well, we think you are pretty freaking phenomenal just the way you are. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a healthier version of yourself. The problem with this is most of us strive to make too many big changes too quickly. The problem? This causes us to give up on our resolutions because it is just simply too much.

Here are small simple steps to becoming a healthier you this year:

Take The Extra Steps

That’s right, whether it’s circling the parking lot for a closer space or taking the elevator versus the stairs, stop cutting corners to getting more exercise. Instead aim for the farthest parking spot away and always opt for the stairs. Small changes in your normal day can greatly impact the amount of exercise you are getting without knowing it.

Meal Prep

Prepping your meals for the week can greatly cut down on the number of calories that you might have mindlessly consumed. This means prepping all of your meals for the week in advance. Wondering, “how the heck do I do that? And when am I going to have time for that?” Meal prepping is actually easier than it sounds. All it takes is some planning, a trip to the grocery store, and some time on Sunday night. Learn more about meal prepping here.

Cut Down Going Out to Eat

Much of the time when we dine out we eat far more than we would if we sat down at our own dinner table and prepared the meal ourselves. The problem with dining out is much of the time we have no idea what is exactly in our food. This makes it far too easy to consume way too many calories without even knowing it. Aim to cut down to dining out to only once a week. Your waistline and pocketbook will thank you.

Change the Way You Socialize

For many of us, we tend to socialize over food and much of the time alcohol as well. In the new year aim to make healthier habits when you socialize. Instead of going for a happy hour at a local pub filled with sugary cocktails and deep fried foods, make a trip to the gym your happy hour. Grab some friends and make a group fitness class or a trip to the gym your time to socialize.