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Is it the Common Cold or Influenza?

Common Cold or Influenza?

It is that time of year again when most of us are coming down with symptoms of the common cold or influenza. The problem is the symptoms are very similar between a cold and the flu, so it can be quite difficult to determine what you have come down with (much of the time impossible to tell the difference with a self diagnosis). The primary difference between these two is the virus that causes them. Influenza also tends to be more intense and can have very serious complications associated with it like pneumonia. Learn more about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the common cold and influenza by visiting the CDC website.

Cold or Influenza

Treating Symptoms of a Cold and Flu

Water – Stay hydrated and drink up!

Hot Tea or Soup – Sooth a sore throat by enjoying some homemade chicken noodle soup or a relaxing cup of chamomile tea.

Rest – Catch your zzz’s and take it easy. Allow your body the time it needs to recover and fight off what is making you ill.

Steam – Sooth a cough, sore throat, and nasal congestion by enjoying some steam time. Take a long relaxing hot bath or shower and focus on deeply breathing in that steamy air.

Get to a Doctor – See a doctor if you symptoms begin to worsen or last for more than 2 weeks.


Common Cold or Influenza

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