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Get Active, Get Social, Get Fit With Friends

For many of us the thought of being social involves getting a group of friends and/or family together and heading to a local happy hour, where we can spend hours chatting over cocktails and bar food. Sound familiar? Eating and drinking are extremely social activities and for most of us, this is where we likely will get our social interaction throughout the day. The problem with this is it can become a very unhealthy habit. You may find yourself consuming far too much alcohol and way too many calories for the sake of socializing.

Let’s change this. Find an activity that your group of friends and family enjoy too. Keep in mind not all of your friends and family members will likely enjoy the same activities and that is okay! That gives you the opportunity to do different activities depending on the group of people you are with. So, instead of suggestion that happy hour after work try out some different options.

Get active, get social, get fit with friends by:

  • Suggest a walk – There are no rules here so suggest a walk around the block, walking the mall, going to the gym and walking on the treadmills, whatever works for you and your friends! This is a great low impact exercise that will allow you to easily carry on a conversation while getting in some exercise.
  • Try a group fitness class – Gymtimidation is real. However, one way to get around this is to get a group of friends together to try it together. Plus, after you torch some major calories and try a new fitness class you can chat over a smoothie or protein shake. You may even find that you and your group of friends really love a certain class and make it part of your weekly routine.
  • Plan a bike ride – While biking may not be the most social activity, you can make it social by stopping for periodic breaks along the way to take in the view and chat.
  • Take a trip to the local roller/ice skating rink – Yep, plan on feeling like a kid again as you strap into roller/ice skates and have lots of laughs with your friends while you circle the rink.
  • Suggest a night out to go dancing – Avoid the alcohol and plan a night out just to enjoy shaking what your momma gave you!

Being active is always more fun with friends and gives you the opportunity to socialize and bond over a healthy activity. Be creative and think outside the box the next time it comes to planning an outing with your friends and family!