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Be The Person Who Makes Waves in 2020

As the new year approaches it leaves many us to reflect on our failures and accomplishments from 2019. As the year comes to an end, after making some very emotionally intense work decisions, I have come to the conclusion that I am happy to be the person that makes waves in the working world, even if others don’t always like it.

Be The Person Who Makes Waves in 2020

What does it mean to the be the person who makes waves? It simply means that you have no problem standing up for what you believe in and are okay having a controversial/unpopular opinion. You aim to be a problem solver and refuse to simply accept things because that is just the way they are.

While I am definitely someone who rocks the boat, I have learned along the way that, for one, I am definitely proud that I posses this characteristic and two that there is definitely a tactful way to go about making waves, especially in the workplace.

Below are some simple tips to be a more confident person in 2020 who is ready to shake up the status quo.

Be Thoughtful

Take time and really think about the issue at hand. Avoid making impulsive and emotional decisions. Take the time to think things over, talk things over with a non biased person, and create a pros and cons list. It is very easy to make quick decisions and then regret how/when/where/what we communicated.

What and How You Say it Matters

After thinking the issue over tactfully plan how you will address it. Remember that what you say and how you say it truly matters. Think about the best means for communication and potentially how someone might perceive what you are communicating.

Always Have a Solution

It’s easy to simply bitch about a problem, but making waves always involves a solution. After careful thought about the problem, knowing how you will communicate it, you then should have a solution to the problem at hand.

Don’t Be Afraid – You Are Not Always Going to Be Liked

It is life, everyone is not always going to like you and that is 100% okay! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself just because you are worried about being liked. Accept it. It is life, not everyone will like you, but who really cares?

Making Waves in 2020

Make 2020 a great year by tactfully aiming to be more direct. Keep in mind direct does not mean impulsive and bitchy. It means being strategic and aiming to address more issues head on. Remember start small. Aim to address a small issue within the workplace like coworkers not cleaning up after themselves in the break room. Follow the steps above and you can stop complaining about the issue at hand, but address it head on and solve it.

Remember, you got this. Go make those waves!