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5 Tips for Packing for a Week Long Beach Vacation With a Carry On Bag Only

If you live in the midwest like I do, you are more than likely dreaming of that beachy get away to get out of the cold this winter. As someone who travels quite a bit, I personally avoid checking a bag whenever possible when I go on vacation as it can help save a ton of time and stress. Here are a few very simple tips to help you pack for a week long vacation with a carry on bag only.

A Week Long Beach Vacation With a Carry On Bag Only

Tip 1 – Pack Light

More often than not we all normally over pack. Leaving us then to carry around many items that we don’t even end up using. Be mindful when you pack by planning out each day you will be on vacation and the clothing that will be needed.

Tip 2 – Pack Versatile Clothing

Aim to pack clothing that can be worn as multiple outfits. A good idea is to stick with neutral colors and prints so you can mix and match everything in your bag.

Tip 3 – Roll Clothing

Once you have planned out your wardrobe for vacation, be smart when you pack your items by tightly rolling all of your clothing. This includes your big floppy sun hat, which I am sure you are planning on packing. Simply roll your sunhat tightly and when you arrive at your destination it will pop right back to life.

Tip 4 – Pack Only Necessities

There are restrictions on the size and number of items of gels, liquids, etc. that you may bring with you in a carry on bag, so skip any items that are not truly necessary. For example, your hotel will have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc. so plan to skip packing those items.

Tip 5 – 2 Pairs of Shoes

Shoes can be heavy and take up a good amount of room in your bag. I would recommend packing one pair of good walking shoes and one pair of sandals. Remember, you will be on the beach and those cute fashionable high heels are just not necessary, a cute pair of versatile flip flops are light and will work with just about every outfit.

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