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5 Reasons to Have More Sex

Need a Reason to Get Busy? Here are 5 Reasons to Have More Sex

Boosted Immunity

Having sex frequently, at least 1-2 times weekly, can boost levels of immunoglobulin A. Which means a boosted immune system.

Improved Heart Health

Sex is exercise and can improve heart health. Having sex regularly, twice weekly, has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and heart attack.

Improved Sleep

Having some trouble catching some Z’s? Well, the answer may be to have more sex! “After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness”, says Sheenie Ambardar, MD.

Decreased Risk of Prostate Cancer

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month were less likely to get prostate cancer.

Improves Bladder Health in Women

Having good sex is like a pelvic workout and can help keep your pelvic floor strong. A strong pelvic floor = improved bladder control.

Reasons To Have More Sex

Sex – Be Safe and Enjoy Yourself but Remember…

  • Always ask a new partner about their sexual health and/or the last time they were tested for STDs/STIs.
  • Use a condom to protect yourself from STDs/STIs and unwanted pregnancy
  • Ladies – pee after sex, this can help reduce your risk for bladder or urinary tract infections
  • If it hurts stop
  • Use a water-based lubricant
  • Never feel pressure into doing something sexually you do not feel comfortable doing
  • Have fun, enjoy yourself, and enjoy your partner

reasons to have more sex