• hip flexors

    If you are like most of us you probably have tight weak hip flexors. But, wait what the heck are hip flexors? Learn more about this muscle group here. So, why do most of us have tight weak hip flexors? This is largely attributed to the fact that we spend a  good portion of our lives sitting and are likely not properly conditioning our hip flexors. Most of us simply ignore these muscles, however, our hip flexors can be the cause of other pains, such as low back pain. Check out more information on how our hip flexors can impact other areas of the body. Important note, never self-diagnose. Always consult a physician before beginning any new fitness regimen.

    So, now that we all have a basic understanding of how important our hip flexors are, let’s work on stretching these muscles.

  • hip flexor

    Crescent Lunge Stretch

    1. Start in a basic lunge position. Learn how to do a basic lunge properly here.
    2. Straighten your back leg.
    3. You should begin to feel a stretch in your straightened back leg near the bikini line.
    4. The closer your back leg is to the floor the more intense this stretch will be.