But…Are You Really Hungry?

We have all been there, you know the feeling when you never feel full…always feeling like you just want to snack nonstop? This is what I like to call “grazing”. Grazing where you walk from the fridge to the pantry and snack literally nonstop, sound familiar? That’s because we have all been there! So, are you really hungry? The answer is probably not. Try the Following to Help Determine if you are Really Hungry or Just Bored: Drink Water Feeling hungry? Think again! You may just be thirsty. Try drinking a big glass of water and then determine if you still feel hungry. Drink Kombucha Kombucha is an acquired taste, as it is sour, but it is oh so good once you get used to the taste! This sour taste can help you feel full. Caution, kombucha can cause stomach upset in people who are not used to drinking it. Start small, buy a bottle and just enjoy a few sips throughout the day. Eat a Few Raw Nuts (Almonds are my personal favorite!) Raw nuts are packed with healthy fats and protein which can help reduce feelings of hunger.  Go do Something! Examples; do the dishes, fold laundry, etc. … Continue reading But…Are You Really Hungry?